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ASEA is clinically and scientifically proven will have a major Impact on Enhancing Athletic performance. In double blind cross over clinical trials at North Carolina Human Performance Laboratory
After 7 days of using ASEA (120ml in the morning and 120ml in the afternoon)
Increased Endurance by 29%.
Spared Glycogen during activity by as much as 30% due to the dramatic increase in Fatty Acid mobilisation
After 14 day’s of using ASEA
All key performance markers improved drastically
Increased Speed, Power, Endurance, Strength, Energy, mental function and Recovery by 30% and most of the athletes experienced a measurable reduction in their heart rate.
Early preliminary studies showed an increase in time to Ventilatory Threshold of 12% and an increase in actual VO2 Max of 3% - this was after 14 days of use.

Recently we just completed double blind placebo studies at the North Carolina Research Institute with Dr Nieman, PhD - after only 7 days drinking ASEA they noticed:
- a shift in 43 Metabolites in the cells
- mobilization of free fatty acids as a fuel source
- a sparing of muscle glycogen of 30%
- In addition to this, our first animal study showed mice could run 29% longer before exhaustion.

These studies are due to be published in a peer reviewed journal by April. It is only a matter of time until any athlete, serious about endurance and recovery, will be drinking ASEA.